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freedom of information1 One could not argue that Freedom of information laws are only as good as the response mechanisms built into the laws themselves, and as good as the efficiency of the appeal procedures. If citizens cannot take an action to enforce their right of access being “shy” of filing a suit, or do not have enough financial resources to do that, FOI laws cannot serve as an active “pushing” system for more transparent government.

Therefore, in order to ensure a culture of openness and to give citizens a right to access to information, adequate and effective appeal mechanisms must be in place. Some appeal bodies or other institutions even have the power to fine public bodies or responsible officials in misdemeanour procedures for hindering the exercise of the right to access to information. Therefore, the administrations become accountable for the lack of openness or denying the individual his/her right to information and open government.

There are five systems of second-instance (appeal) decision-making when dealing with access to public information:

  • Appeal before the body which denied access to a document,
  • Higher Administrative bodies,
  • Court as an appeal body (directly) after the first level decision,
  • Ombudsman as a mediator,
  • Information Commissioner or Commissions

(author of this text: Nataša Pirc Musar)

Members of Information Commissioners' "community" are commissioners and ombudsmen.

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Germany, Berlin

Dr. Alexander Dix, Curriculum Vitae


Pece Tashevski (President), Curriculum Vitae

Blerim Iseni (Vice President), Curriculum Vitae
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Nataša Pirc Musar, Curriculum Vitae


Hanspeter Thür, Curriculum Vitae



Christopher Graham,

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